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Angel Hall is an avid writer with a passion for black children's education. These books are dedicated to rebuilding the black family, self-love, and a sense of community.


Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Angel currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a Minor in Theatre from Rosemont College, Pennsylvania.


She has extensive experience as a substitute/aide teacher for mainstream and children with special needs. Her son is on the Spectrum and she currently is a nanny for two special needs children as well as runs two businesses: Kedar's Bookcase, LLC & and making 100% natural hair products from scratch for all hair types.

(available on Etsy: The Eve Gene Loc Moisturizer)

Angel also enjoys traveling, doing locs, spending time with her family, cooking and arts & crafts.

She currently resides in Jersey City, New Jersey.

"Those who are serious create solutions, not excuses." -Angel Hall



For any media inquiries, please contact Angel Hall

Tel: 201-560-3842 |

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